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Lovelies’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 27 Mar 2003

Location: EDI, Scotland

MapHi its lovelita Ainhoita here! have been left on my own for a week...its so weird!
last three weeks have been great, with no time to chatch up with this diary...boof.
After the trip to London we had a week and a half to enjoy a bit of routine before getting the visit of few more friends who stayed with us in the Lovely Lodge. Emma and Oscar took over my room, Marcos and Charlie took over the living room..., and I took over Sonia's left side of the bed. No complaints though!
Big mess and loads of people again!yooohooo!
Arthur's seat, Portobello and the Water of Leith , Holyrood and the Royal Mile, Calton Hill and so on!
...touring around the city is always a treat!
At night, after going down to pubs, we sat around the lovely fireplace (it is fake but they all love it!) and talked and laughed heaps!
Charlie found our funny "bath hose" , (the one used to join both waters, cold and hot...and get some warm silly!!! wouldn't it be better having just one tap? everything has to be different!!!) and discovered that it could also be used to listen to the beats of your heart...or even as headphones!!! it was good fun really!

...cathing up with old friends is also a treat!!!!

They all had to draw an elephant before leaving (this is a must, sorry) ...and they seemed to enjoy loads!even Oscar, who did it with the broken hand!
Our cupboard in the living room is now full of elephants, we will have to make some more room soon...

They all met Senor Mujon, the Wally Dogs and the Treats-man...meaning...the all realized how different our world is...kindda surreal one! and they all left us and went back to Barcelona maybe thinking we have lost the plot! bother! we did have fun!!! Thanks guys!!! Big hugs to you all!

After they left, we got the visit of mami, Gorka and Cris (known as Los Judiitos) and then I spent a week off work and cruised a bit around the Highlands and the Isle of Skye with them. It was LOVELY, but this is another story. And, as usual, I have no time now...
Photos coming up soon, and many more stories!!!

Soniaaaaaaaaaaaa, Sorellinaaaaaaaaaaaaa you have fun in Rome for me!!!! Why don't you put an update oh-please!!!

Catch u later!!!