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Lovelies’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 May 2003

Location: UK

MapHey there! Its Ainhoa here...time for an update I guess....
Must I say that the computers we are provided at the library are alwyas either crashing or about to crash...???? helllooooo!!!! so here I am, in a cafe connect...hope this computer won't do the same! Boof!
Edinburgh is still the same beautiful city....not its weather though....and here I am very concerned!!!
You wake up in the morning with the sun shining in your face...and you think "cool!" are already leaving home when it starts pissing on you....then you realize you left your umbrella you head back...and then...the sun comes out again....then you think..."whatever!!!"
Evenctually it will even hail, like the last time i was walking to a friend's house when it started hailing (really big big stones!!!) only to stop once I was there,safe and dry.
Then you get the wind. Always against your direction....making you stumble with the bike...Super Silver is also very upset you know!
Don't forget about the lovely temperatures we get over here!
Good fun this weather yep! (not, really...)
I always go out with a raincoat and a t-shirt for the short sunny spells...
No more boring stuff...
Sonia and I are off to Oslo next Tuesday. There we will meet Clara, who comes from Odensee....then will jump on a train and cruise around far up as we can, that is, the polar circle...then back down to Stockholm through the Swedish Lapland! Or so we think...will see!
Work is good...Well, as good as work can be...Still, have no complaints. Sonia and I are busy (she's busier than I am) and hardly ever see each other...for our shifts are most of the time opposites...
Am planning to start working even harder, i mean, do some extra shifts from June I can save money and think of moving to warmer lands for winter time ;-)
This means working in other departments of the hotel...i might be moving to the Penthouse...(thousend pounds a night.....just at the top of the hotel....Jezzzzzzuzzzz!!!) Will see.
Summer will be good anyway, with the Festival of Arts going on through August. Next Monday am going to the Festival of the Sea, then in the evening to the theatre, to see Cats (my birthday present from Sonia) ....then the following to Norway!!! Yoooohooooo!
I have now joined a Spanish Ghetto, with Nandi, Sara, Elena and Aurelio, all coming from every corner of Spain, nice and rich mix.
Social life is busy, always going out and about....During the day still managing to go to the well as spendind most of my time in the know...fighting with the computers. I love it.
This weekend coming I get the visit of a cousin of mine, Alex. It will be good to catch up with's been ages!!!
Anyway, life is good.
Soon will be back with scandinavian adventures...!