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Lovelies’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 19 Jun 2003

Location: UK

MapOh well...i guess it's time for an english update...boof boof...It's Ainhoa here, am alone in lovely Edi (Sonia is in Barcelona just now...lucky her!!!)...that's probably why i could find this precious moment to catch up with the scandinavian trip.
Off we go!
The meeting point was Oslo; Ainhoa and Sonia had a hard time to get there...but they made it. Clara was travelling on a train all the way from Odensee to Oslo...this means...the girls made it to Oslo in not very good conditions but happy after all. There they met Kristian, a friend of a friend of Clara. He was adorable and let us stay in his place, a very cool basement of a house in the forests sorrounding the city. We walked to see the sunset that night and were shown the moose' poos...beautiful.
when we asked him why the traffic lights in Oslo have two little red men...he said...mmmmmm.....mmmmm....really? they do? ... no idea! about the "trampolinas" or jumping beds every single house in Oslo has??? Oh well...this must be a norwegian thing i guess.
The following day we did a bit of walking around the harbour and then to Vigeland Park, an amazing green space full of artsy sculptures...all naked bodies showing the different phases of the human life. Really nice. We loved it.
Oslo happened to surprise us since the weather was stunning and there were people relaxing everywhere. And loads and loads of open-air coffee places..and loads and loads of cool and beautiful looking people!
We liked it there but we had to go anyway. So that night we got on a train that would take us to Trondheim. Bloody long journey...the worst thing...we were given three seats in the smokers coach....nothing more disgusting.
By three in the afternoon the girls got to Trondheim.

Trondheim didn't welcome us very well since it didn't stop raining for a second. This and the fact that it was Bank Holiday and every single place,shop or restaurant was closed....didn't give us many chances to explore the city, which, on the other hand, was really nice and had an amazing cathedral where many important kings and saints were buried...and where the crown jewels were kept. But, of course, it was also closed and we could only enjoy it from outside and under the rain...oh well!
Ainhoa got incredibly wet and oh...what a surprise! when she was ready to get change in the toilets of the station....then she realized she had forgotten the second pair of trousers back home...oh-no!!!! the more organized girls lent her some clothes...thanks girls!

And, after few hours in Trondheim we got on another train going to Mo i Rana (funny name, specially when said by Clara). The plan was...change the train in Mo i Rana to get another one to go to Bodo, past the polar circle. But to do so we had to stay few hours in the station till five in the morning or so. we politely asked the guys from the station whether they would mind us staying in the hall for few hours. They wouldn't mind and so we did! No long after we had set our "camp" with our sleeping bags and other stuff lying around, two more backpackers joined us. It was a very funny situation and we did enjoy it at the end! The weather outised was still crap and it was getting colder and colder! "Neei bother....!"

Another train took us to Bodo. With only an hour to organize ourselves...we managed to get on a ferry ship going to Lofoten Islands....oh-my-god...what a nightmare! The rain wouldn't stop and the waves would grow bigger and bigger and higher and higher...making the ship move from on side to the other like hell...The trip took four hours....Every single person on that ship got sea-sick (well, there was a french girl who didn't...what are thay made of...? :-/ )
And still, it was funny!
With our bodies very well shaken and our tummies very sore and empty...we finally got to Moskenes, took a taxi and went to A. A is the name of a beautiful village that used to be an old fishing town, full of nice black and red cabins that are now used as accomodation for tourists.In the air there was that characteristic smell of the codfish being dried in the sun. And the only thing you could hear was the yells of the sea-gulls...everywhere!
Ok. The plan was to travel across the islands and get to mainland a day later. But, sorry, it was sunday, there was no transport we had to change our plans again....and despite the fact we had promised ourselves we wouldn't get on a ferry ever again...we had to do so the next morning!!!! This time it was a very pleasant trip, whith the sun shinning on us and a very blue and calm sea. The girls spent the whole time outside singing and singing...what a difference from the day before!!!

Back in Bodo, that night we walked to the lookout point of the city to catch up with the Midnight Sun. It was twelve sharp when we got to the top of the mountain and caught the sun "setting" hid behind a mountain for a while and we sat there just looking and looking...till we froze...then, there was no other thing to do than aerobics to keep our bodies warm. Good laughs!

From Bodo we only had to reach Stockholm in time to get our flight back to Edi. About 30 hours after we got on the train, we were there. The trip across Sweden was a hard one, since this time we were seated by the smokers and party coach. People getting pissed on the train and smoking like nuts all the way, keeping the music loud and...well...just being a pain in the arse! not very nice...
Still, the landscapes were stunning. From massive mountains, glaciers, lakes, waterfalls and fiords in the Norwegian part to never-ending forests in the Sweddish one.
The sun was all the time up in the sky...
we enjoyed the sun but were missing the moon and the stars and having darkness to sleep. (although here in Scotland you get the same thing just now...)
Stockholm was good. Very good. We liked it there! we got back to the sun and the nice weather and walked the city through the day before going to sleep...guess where! on a boat! ha! no more boats or ships for a while please!!!
Ok. Am sure there must be many bits i forgot of...but, you can always check Clara's page and read a bit more about the whole story...
Mentally tired am going now to relax...have fun you guys...will be back soon with more adventures!
JAN-KEN-LA-RIDU???? ....(we learnt this words in Norway... although it doesn't make any sense to the norwegians...)