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Lovelies’s Travel Diary

Friday, 11 Jul 2003

Location: UK

MapHi it's Ainhoa...! Leo from Brisbane is here in Edi! and you will think...mmmm...Leo? who is Leo?
Oh well Leo is a lovely guy Ainhoa met more than a year ago while she was traveling around OZ! Leo is staying with the lovelies in the Lovely Lodge...So is his fault that we have no time to update the page...but soon will be back with more adventures!

Leo says, 'Scotland is wonderful. I've only just started exploring, and am now planning something more adventurous like hitching aroung Scotland. It is wonderful to see Ainhoa again. I last saw her in Australia. We are having lots of fun.'

Sonia...come on Sonia....tell us about your trip to Barcelona....OH COME ON SONIA!!!!