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Lovelies’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 12 Oct 2002

MapSo...oh-come-on...we just had to change from one computer to another one in order no to miss all the information already written...and now...a bit pissed off...will go on with the story...
we were saying that Clarita has got a new job yeah!!!!!she will be working in the superb and fashionable Scotsman Hotel, right in the middle of the the restaurant which is supposed to be the BEST ALL OVER SCOTLAND....good stuff! the most important thing is she'll be wearing silver cuff-links...with the logo of the paper...for the hotel used to be the building of the local paper "The Scotsman".
So...happy chick! happy as Ainhoa...who is starting next a not so yuppy place...but cosy and relaxed ...hoping she'll feel good after her first day of work within the last year...!
For's all good...
as for the is not! Clara says it is good though...excuse me???? you know...she is a rabiosa!
well, apart from rain and rain and rain and cold...we might get a sunny spell once a week maybe? or once a month, better? no worries for the lovelies, mate!
as for our healthy life, well, there's a bit of know about our problem with treats dependence...we should say it is not getting we thought the solution would be joining the gym...and guess what? even clara will be doing some stuff tomorrow with ainhoa...for the first time...who knows..its might be the first and the last one????????
NO MORE TREATS PLEASE! this is our slogan! (we stole it from a wally dog)
and that's all for now, more news coming up soon!