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Simon’s Travel Diary

Friday, 11 Nov 2005

Location: Xi'an, China

MapWell, I am a little late on starting this thing, so I have to catch up on alot of things. Its doubtful that that will ever happen, so I will just give you a quick synopsis up to date and the pictures will tell the rest.
I arrived on the first of November in Beijing. I stayed at this hostel called the Red Lantern (See pictures). It was really sweet. It was located right in the center of Beijing in an old Huntong. I spent my time in Beijing walking around the city and seeing the sights. Its a massive city so even though I would walk for ten to twelve hours there was only so much I could see. I did all the obvious things, Tienanmen Square, the Great Wall, the Forbiden City, the Temple of Heaven, the old Huntongs, the Peking University, etc. To be honest I haven't seen even close to what Bejing has to offer.
The people here have been SO nice. I have been so lucky because the people that I have met through my mom have taken time to show me their city and treat me to the most delicious food I have ever eaten. THey haven't let me pay for a thing (which seems to be the Chinese way of doing things!). The most memorable day is when Mr. Tien (a famous lawyer) sent two of his partners with a car to pick me up and take me to the great wall. Not only did they take me (and two random girls that were in the hostel when we left) to the wall, they took us to lunch, brought us swimming (they bought us suits and bathing caps), and then they took us to a Korean Spa.....OOHHHH MY GOD, you have not expereinced luxury and comfort until you go to one of these things. It was incredible...the best 4.5 hours of my life. I had a 2 hour full body massage, a bath in Camomile tea, two sauna's (one dry, one wet), was fed gourmet food, TWICE. It was seriously unbelievable. ALl of this was taken care of by these two nice.
Its not just them, so many other people have taken me out to dinner or to museums, I have never been privy to such generosit.
I left Beijing on the 9th and took the overnight train to Xi'an, the ancient capital of China. Its pretty nice. There is a huge wall that encloses the inner city that was built 1500 years ago. Me and Clair (this girl I met on the way to the hostel yesterday) biked around the top of the wall yesterday. Today we went to see the Teracota warriors, which was simply....well, simply awe inspiring, check the pics. I am leaving on sunday night back to Beijing. I jsut came here to visit my friend Sean. Some of you will know him as the Chinese guy that was at my house in August for my party. He's a student here so he's gonna take me out.
Other than that, it looks like I got a job, although I am going back to Beijing to confirm it on Tuesday. I should start in a couple of weeks. Its going to be in Dalian. I will keep you posted.
Hope you all chillin and i'll'in.
Much Love