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Simon’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 Nov 2005

Location: Beijing, China

MapMan I am bad at this. I don't write entries and I haven't even told anybody about it yet....all in due time.
I'm back in Beijing after an extended visit in Xi'an, which ultimately cost me my job. I didn't get aroudn to trying to get a ticket back to Beijing until it was too late. The result was that I missed my interview and they gave the job to somebody else. Typical. On top of that, I missed the train that I did manage to get a ticket for.....also typical. Whatever, I'm back now and another job opportunity has presented itself, so I am back to square one.

Xi'an was sweet. Shao Han and I hung out. He took to me a club that was crazy. Best club I have ever been to, and there was no cover! It was teh first time that I went out in China. A long wait, but well worth it.

Infact, my lifestyle here is very different than at home. I get up early, eat 3 meals, don't go out, AND I DON"T SMOKE WEED. I never thought the day would come, but its been over two weeks and not even any signs of just goes to prove that weed is harmless, non-addictive drug with absolutely no side effects....HA. I don't know how much longer this healthy non abusive lifestyle will last though. Today I found Beijing's strip....and it looks sweeeeeeet. Huge clubs, hundreds of bars....and I have plans to go explore their insides both nights this weekend.

Yesterday was a day of first. First, I got a cell phone. Yeah that's right, after years of hating and bashing, and wild claims that I would never going to own one, I got one. There is no other way though. In a place this big with no home its the only way I can get in touch with people, or they with me. I'm already addicted to messaging people...bad news.

The other first was that I hate sheep cock and balls. Strait up bbq'ed sheep penis' on a stick, and the balls came on seperate squewers. I got taken out to drink by these two chinese guys. They were super nice, one of them worked for the ministry of finance and the other was cop. ANyway, they take me to this restaurant to drink, and we start drinking. When the chinese take you drinking they mean business, no f--king around. It's one toast after another and you have to empty your glass each time, and they keep on ordering beer until everyone is shitfaced. At some point during the drinking they order some food. It looked like other chinese food I had had, basically bbq meat on a stick. It looked slightly suspicious, but then again alot of it is suspicious, and I learned that you have to try what they order to be polite, so its just better not to ask what it is, so that you don't think about while your eating it. Anyway, I take a few bites, and its pretty crunchy and stringy. RIght away I knew it was a part that I would never eat by choice. They then proceed to explain, with much gesticulation and the use of my dictionary that I was eating sheep penis. There were 5 penis' per stick...tiny little things really. Leon I was reminded of you. Well, I was pretty off put, and they laughed. So then they decided to order the testicals, which they forced me to try. They were actually better than the dick....ladies, I'm sure you already knew that. They were very tender and not at all chewy, tasty even, except for the fact that they are sheep balls!!!! So we continued to drink fearcely till we were all pretty drunk. The night ended with toasts to our newfound eternal friendship, and to the progress we made for the relationship between our two great nations. And then the cop, drunk, drove me home. All and all, quite an experience. The cock and balls didn't sit too well though, and I was feeling pretty shitty this morning. Moral of the story....don't eat cock and balls when you drink a shit load of beer. So keep that in mind......

One day I will get around to putting up pictures...I swear.