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Simon’s Travel Diary

Monday, 12 Dec 2005

Location: Kunming, China

MapHello hello. Well having been told that my blog sucks by one very astute observer, I suppose it is time to actually write something.
Well, alot has happened since I last wrote anything. Too much to actually bother writing all of it.
In a nut shell: I've been travelling. I went north to Dalian to look for work. Not much luck, which is fine by me since it gives me an excuse to stay on the move. So I went back to Bejing and met up with my mom who was there on work related business. During this time I was really sick and was basically in bed for three or four days. Recovered just in time for what turned out to be a weekend of debauchery. Went clubbing three nights in a row with Tom (from montreal...the guy who lived in my appart on St-Domique before I did). Man, the clubs here are on another level. THey are insane..strait up. Anyways, we were acting like ballers since it is soo cheap, ordering bottle after bottle and managing to attract quite a crowd. It was awesome.
Once my mom was done work, we left Beijing and headed for Lijiang in the province of Yunnan. What can I say, it was great. The weather was and sunny during the day, cold at night. The city was so cool. Half of it was "the old city" which consisted of these wood and stone houses built along the banks of several rivers and springs. Now its a tourist trap, but an impressive one none the less. We didn't spend much time there becuase we went to the "Tiger Leaping Gorge", which is the deepest gorge in the world. Forget the three gorges (which is already pretty much flooded anyway), this place is spectacular. The hike took us three days along this little moutain pass that ran through the top of the gorge. We stayed in little guest houses that belonged to the local people, the Naxi people, who are a kind of endangered Chinese minority. When we were done we got a ride back on the new road that winds along the lower parts of the gorge......this road is death trap. There are land slides all the time and so there were rocks littering the road, some of which pounded right through the cement, and which washed away parts of the road. So as we are driving the driver is continously looking up and to the right to see if rocks are coming down which causes the small van to drift left...towards the edge of the road that drops strait down a few hundred meters into the gorge. I was sitting on the left side of the van constantly looking down at my impending death. My whole body was tense for the entire hour long ride. It was an experience.
So now I am in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan. My mom left yesterday on a plane and I took the overnight sleeper bus to Kunming. Sleeper buses are awesome. It a bus packed with beds. It pretty confortable and its cheap as hell. Cost me 20$ for a 12hour bus ride. Basically I slept until I got here.
I am hanging out here for five days or so and then my trecking really begins. Me and this guy Mark are going to snake our through the southern part of the province until we get into Lao. I am going to hang out there for 2 or 3 weeks until I make my way into Northern Thailiand and just keep going south to soak up the sun (with my white, translucent skin) and hang out on the beach. All this should take me til the end of february, by which time I hope to have secured a job that will begin after the chinese new year.
So thats that. i will post some pictures up in the next couple of days since I have a good connection.
Enjoy the winter......SUCKERS!