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Simon’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Dec 2005

Location: China

MapHello Hello. Well I've spent one week in Kunming doing nothing in particular, mostly just relaxing. My time during the day has been spent walking around the city and hanging out with a crew of Israeli's that I met at the hostel. It's been fun. Kunming is actually a really cool city. People are relaxed and friendly, the city is clean, and the weather is really good.
Managed to squeeze in a couple of foot and body massages...they were amazing...acually my feet are still fuzzy from the last one I got two hours ago. Cheap too, less than 5$ for an hour. Other than that, there was the requesit weekend of debauchery that accompanies any good stay in a big Chinese city. We were rolling like 12 deep on saturday and took this clun by storm. The managers liked us so much that they gave a 24 of Carlsberg and a bottle of Vodka on the house. Eberything else is a blur of dacing and laughing. Bang up weekend, but after three days of hard drinking and dancing I am ready for a break. My life is just that hard!
So now Mark and Kueron (two Auzies I met) and I are taking the overnight bus to southern Yunnan province to check out some remote countryside villages and jungles. Should last about ten days and be a well wicked trip. The goal is to be in Lao by the 1st of January.
Oh funny story. So yesterday I was walking to the massage parlor, which is about a 20 minute walk from my hostel, and I had the wierdest encounter with Chinese people yet. I've got used to the stairing, the pointing, the "nace to meeeet yu'" 's, and all the other perculiarities that accompany the foreigner status, but this one takes the cake. So I was walking, when out of no where this big chinese guy just stops in front of me, looks at me, and hugs me. I was a bit stunned, but I hugged back, not really sure what was going on. Before I had time to think about it a woman popped up and did the same thing....and then a third. They hugged me and said "nace to meeeet yu". It was really really funny. I laughed for a good block.
Oh I also got my haircut...that was interesting since I don't speak chinese and they didn't speak ANY english. I just explained with my hands and my hair what I wanted and then hoped for the best. It's certainly not the greates haircut I've ever had, but thankfully hair grows back. Myles I will tell you one thing, he was no Francisco!
Well I gotta get going to catch the bus. I am going to make an effor to actually post on here once or twice a week, so for those of you who are interested keep checking the site.