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Jenna’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 15 Nov 2005

Location: Vernazza, Italy

MapWell, we finally found our picturesque European town. It's called Vernazza and it's along the Italian Riviera. It's exactly what we were hoping for and we're having a great time now. The town itself is tiny, and some of the restaurants and places to stay have started shutting down for the winter already. But we worked a deal at the place we're staying right now because they were closing and we wanted to stay for about a week. We're also getting in with the locals. There's an Austrailian girl, Anna, who works at one of the restaurants and she had people over to her place last night to drink wine and hang out. She speaks fluent Italian, so she was translating some of what her friends were saying for us. Then a guy came over who spoke French as well as Italian and he was translating in French to me, and then me in English to Zoe and Sarah. Between the wine, the Italian, the French and the English, it turned out to be an utterly confusing and totally fantastic night!