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Jenna’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 17 Jan 2006

Location: Aberdeen, UK

Map well, i know that it's been forever since i last updated this page and that most of you have probaby lost interest and stopped checking for updates, but i'm going to write something anyways. that way i can keep fooling myself into thinking that there is someone out there other than my mom who is actually interested in what i do.

so zoe and i have been trying to make our way in aberdeen. the city is on the east coast of scotland, and the north sea is just down the street from our place. we found a cute little one bedroom flat that has two single beds, mildew on the tiles behind the toilet, and decore straight out of the seventies. it's charming in a way that only a british flat could be. the man upstairs wakes up and gets ready for work at 5am every day, used to be in the arabian military and snores so loud we can hear it from our bedroom every night. the garbage is picked up on tuesdays, the recycle on wednesdays, and our shower blew a breaker, almost started an electrical fire, and we had to bathe out of our sink for three days untill it was fixed. in scotland, most of the banks won't give you an account untill after you've lived here for 3 years. the ones that will let you apply need you to have a job first, but you can't get a job untill you have a bank account. you need proof of your address, like a utility bill, but the phone company will only let you put one name on the phone bill, the gas bill only comes every 3 months, and the electricity is paid with tokens you buy from the post office. girls can't drink pints of beer, the popular age for child bearing is 17, and noone says "welcome", they just ask you why you're here. if you're happy, you're "chuffed", upset, you're "gutted", bastard is the worst swear word you can say, and it's pronounced "treble", not "triple" (as in times three). scotland's great!

other than that we're just sitting around our flat losing our minds. we don't have a phone yet, we don't know anyone here, and it's not safe to walk around our neighbourhood at night. (as you can probably tell, i'm having a bad day). cheerio!