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Jenna’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 25 Mar 2006

Location: Amsterdam,again, Netherlands


well, we're in the city of sin once again and boy is it fun. it was soooooo nice to see my mum; exciting and relieving at the same time. she's been at her conference for the last few days so zoe and i have been amusing ourselves in the city. we went wandering yesterday and saw some of the coolest shops i've ever laid eyes on! they have such unique and original things here, every time you turn a corner you see something new. and i don't think i could ever even try to explain how amazing the flower markets are. yesterday i saw more varieties of orchids than i even knew existed! and they have amaryllis bulbs as big as my head!!! i'm going to try hooping a few before i leave so i can smuggle them home. anyway, zoe and i are off to the zoo to commune with nature. all right, let's be honest, we're going to get stoned and trip out on monkeys, who's kidding who.


love jbo