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Danski's Pommyland’s Travel Diary

Friday, 08 Dec 2006

Location: Shepparton, Australia

MapGday all,
Know its been ages since I last wrote but I have a couple of minutes where my babies arent crying and looking for food so here goes. And dont worry, not my own babies, just the babies here in the special care nursery at the hospital. I have been working here for a few weeks, as well as the Emergency and it has been really good. The Neonates here are not too unwell, touch wood, so it has been really good experience and lots of cuddles, feeding and of course changing nappies!!! Other than work I have been doing heaps of stuff: Abs is home which is awesome and I am so glad she is. So we've been hanging out, but not too much because she is back at work too. I have been wakeboarding and all that whenever possible, except when too hungover etc. Sair and Russ' Wedding was great- had a ball and it was great to catch up with all of the old clan again. Drank far too much though, (yep- same old me!!)
But I had better go now coz babies are crying!!! Love Dan. OXOX