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Danski's Pommyland’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 03 Mar 2007

Location: Ascot Vale, Australia

MapHello everyone,
Well I downloaded some phtos the other day and noone has written me a message so maybe noone knows they are there. So I thought i had better update pple about what I have been doing, (plus this is my study time and as we all know I am Queen of Procrastination, which is precisely why I am writing on my blog).
OK then...
Melbourne: living at Aunty Linda's until I get my shite together, which may take a while! It's been great- Linda is so laid back and both of us are "like ships in the night" as Ma would say. And as Brij will tell you, Linda is our second Ma anyway and treats us like our own Ma does!! So, all is well here, its a great location for work and uni as there is a tram stop right outside the front gate which goes almost all the way to the Kids then onto Uni. The city hasn't really bothered me as much as it did the first day because I havent had to brave the peak hour traffic again. Which is good. Plus, there is a gym around the corner which I have joined up for a while so I just go there few times a week and am trying to train for a 15.2km run in April. Its "Run for the Kids", a fundraiser for the Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal, so if anyone wants to join me they're welcome to! There is also a 3.4km Run if you arent interested in going for the 15.2 one. You pay a fee and part of that fee goes to the kids so there is no hassle with asking pple for money and all that. Remeber, it's a great cause and makes lots of kids happy!! Plus, you get fit and happy too!
So that's Melbourne.
Work: Well, I had my first kind of bad day yesterday at work. Just had too much to do and not enough time so one of the babies feeds was 45 mins late. Sounds like not such a big deal, which really its not life threatening, but the bub is on 2 hourly feeds and should have had it on time to fit the next one in on time etc. So, I got it sorted by the end of the shift and it was all good, but the Mum doesnt like me now and doesnt trust me. I did make up the timing and he was fine, so we'll see what happens today. It's just that after that I felt like crap, and I felt bad myself for the bub (even though he really had no idea). And that I had caused stress to a Mum. But, it happens and I did it. Plus I took full responsibility and told her straight out. Geez, it sounds like I did something major hey? That's what it felt like at the time yesterday. Now I think it was probably a combination of me not ever nursing them before, having the early staff very busy and trying to catch up on everything and just a worried Mum. That's all.
Apart from that though, work is good. Really good actually. I love the little babies and am actually thinking that I will really miss them when I have to Rotate, (dont tell Special Care in Shepp coz they'll be frothing at the mouth at the thought I might come back to them!!) Maybe it is just a clucky stage... That is lasting a very very long time.
OH yeah!!! Xav and Tan had a beautiful baby girl Tia Alexandra last week. They are all home and all good now. Very happy for them and wish them all the best. They are in love wiht their new little bundle and very happy.
Uni: It's ok. Just need to get cracking on some work really. I am learning lots though and it's giving me heaps of confidence. And things that I have learnt before but maybe not quite fully understood them or just grasped them, I feel like I am actually fully getting them and applying them to my nursing.
Social Life: dont have one!! Nah, actually, I have still been doing heaps. Shaun came and stayed a few days last week which was great. Then we went to Bright (the pictures are up on the right had side). This weekend I am working, but have Mon and Tues off, so going to Yarra (via Shep to Ben and Mel and pick up Shaun). And we are going to spend two days in Yarra with Mum and Dad, hopefully put the boat in etc. Oh yeah, and I will strat my assignments then too. At some stage.
So, all is well. I hope all is well in your parts of the earth. Abs is excellent: she has started on the Emergency in Chesterfield and said its great. Her and Rob have been gallavanting which you can see via

There are some really great photos on their websites too!! The fam is all good and Cazza is getting all ready for her wedding, (we are too!!)
Oh, its raining here and its supposed to be 36 today, (wierd Melbourne weather!!)
Brij is working hard with three jobs now!! Way to go Betty!
OK, really gotta go now and get some work done. Much love to everyone. And the other planetrangers:
Steve and Lauzza's South American adventure would give anyone the incentive to travel!! Hope you are well guys, and see you in 2010 by the sounds!!!

Love and good health to all. Love Dan. XOXOXOOX