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Danski's Pommyland’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 10 May 2005

Location: Scotland, UK

MapOk- well it is now November, but I have written the date as early May because that is when I went to Scotland. It was amazing and a place I fell in love with. While i was there we had awesome weather- raining only once or twice for a little while during the day and the rest overnight. It made for great sunrises (didnt see too many of those), and spectacular sunsets. The days were long and filled with Ped (the Haggis Tour guide) lugging us about in his hyperactive state. I took heaps of photoes- as you can see. I went with Katie while she was on her stint away from home. She loved it too. So, have a look at the photoes and i will find my diary one day and correlate the places to names, but they were all lovely (Oban probably a favourite and The Eilan Donan Castle). As for me- I am on night duty on my break. Have just had a plunger coffee so on a buzz. Will be downloading only a few more photoes of Scotland, then i will find the rest and start on them. Hope you enjoy looking at them. Love to get some messages from everyone- just remember that everyone ELSE can read them too. Love Danski. XOXOXO