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Miles’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 07 Dec 2005

Location: Malaysia

MapHello All,
This whole diary thing has not been as easy as i had hoped. I haven't seen a computer in weeks and therefore have not been able to update the site. I finished up my homestay in Japan and said goodby to my adopted family. They spent the last week of my stay trying to convince me to come back in the spring with my family and friends to see the cherry blossoms.
I then spent my free week seeing a couple of other cities in Japan. I went to Tokyo, Hiroshima, Myajima and Osaka. It was a lot of fun, and having Bonar along only made it better. I have about 400 digital images now and have to get on the neverending task of putting them on the site.
Now i am in Malaysia, soaking up the sun, fighting off monkeys, and swimming in the salty water. I got a small jellyfish sting the other day at the beach that had a little bite but has already gone away, mostly it is just cool to say i have been stung by a jellyfish. I also saw the "World's Largest Toy Museum" which i can't confirma as being true. It was in any case quite impressive and contained over 100,000 action figures.
A few nights ago, my friends and i went out to a restaurant that served bat! I thought this was too cool and had to try it. It was a large Bat body served curried and actually tasted great. There was not much meat and it was kind of like very tender chicken.
I will update the pictures and have more stories soon. Thank you for the emails and messages and i apologize for not responding sooner. Thank you