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Miles’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 08 Dec 2005

Location: Malaysia

MapHello again,
I am still working on getting more images on here, but i am having trouble finding a internet cafe with CD drives.
Malaysia has been a drastic change from Japan, it was fall time and cool in Japan while here it is hot all of the time. Although I think the hotel managment may be trying to increase the Christmas spirit here by not only putting up a Christmas tree completely made of aluminum foil and pumping muzak versions of Christmas songs 24 hours a day, but also by keeping the AC cranked almost to the point where you can see your breath. Every morning i find myself walking out of the hotel thinking, " I had better get a jacket," temporarily forgetting that it is actually hot and humid to the point that as soon as you walk outside you think about when your next shower will be.
Malaysia is also extremely diverse, unlike Japan. 99% of the Japanese population is Japanese, where as Malaysia has a mix of Chinese, Malay, Indian, and many others. There are Mosques, Churches, Temples and almost every other kind of religious structure within blocks of each other. It is amazing to walk down one street and here people speaking almost all different languages. Malaysia has a very interesting history, and Penang has actually been colonized or occupied by the Dutch, Portugese, British, Japanese, and the USA.