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Miles’s Travel Diary

Monday, 12 Dec 2005

Location: Malaysia

MapHello from Malaysia,
Well we are on the move again. A few days ago we headed south from Penang to Melaka. Our journey took us over the 3rd longest bridge in the world, spanning 13.5 km, and then through Kuala Khangsar. At one of the rest stops we hit on the way i had the "original ice cream sandwich," 3 scoops of ice cream on a hot dog bun(surprisingly good). We rolled into Melaka after a 10 hour journey, and headed to the night market. The night market was busy and pretty much what the name suggests, it did however feature a large public karaoke contest that was not as bad as you might imagine.
Melaka is an ineresting city with a long colonial history. I was going through the maritime museum here, which is a giant replica wooden ship, and was reminded of home. I learned that the city was once taken over by a Potuguese man named Alfonso de Albuquerque. Sunday was a free day for us so Elijah and i set out to explore the city on foot. We each purchased a Malaysian sling-shot and in effect "terrorized the neighborhood." We promptly found a dirt lot to try them out and were of a man who made almost RM 3000 (RM 1= about 27cents) by shooting just under 2000 rats with his sling-shot. Our use of sling-shots proved to be much less lucrative, and Elijah's broke about 20 minutes after purchasing it.
From there we went on to the ship museum and a few other sights. Thats it for now, but come back to see pictures of me showing off my sling-shot along with other shots of Malaysia. Take care,