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Miles’s Travel Diary

Monday, 19 Dec 2005

Location: Malaysia

MapHello again,
Well we are just wrapping up the semester here in Kuala Lumpur, and getting ready for the holiday break. I have been studying hard for our Cosmos to Cosmopolitan course which examines architecture in its earliest forms and then up through the modern age, with the combination of religion, cosmology, philosophy and colonization. It is a very interesting course that encompasses a lot of information and requires a lot of work.
I have also found time to explore the places we have been and meet some very interesting people. This weekend i went to see the new King Kong movie on "the biggest screen in southest Asia." It was pretty impressive and made the FX even better. Well there is still a lot to see here including the Petronas towers and a meeting with one of the most influential skyscraper architects in the world. So i am off again, but will give the update and more pictures soon. I hope everyone is well and excited for the holidays.