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Miles’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 11 Jan 2006

Location: Cambodia

MapAfter a long wait,
i'm back at it. sorry for the delay. i have been busy with Dad and Carolyn, having a wonderful time in Thailand, and then travelling on to Cambodia. I am enjoying my time here, Cambodia is a great place. The history here has been extremely colorful, and in the recent history, very bloody. One must use extreme caution when in the countryside, and stay on well established paths and roads for fear of the countless unmarked land mines that remain since the civil war. The people here have been very friendly, and the children love to smile and yell "hello" when i walk by. We have been visiting Angkor Wat and Angkor Tom along with other temples in the area which are monolithic, and inspiring. The streets here are dusty, and packed with mopeds, tuk tuks, and sometimes huge trucks packed with dozens of people. People us US dollars here, and Reel for anything smaller(4000reel=$1). I must say it is quite strange handing someone a bill with George Washington's face on it over here in Cambodia. The real strange thing about the currency status, is thatn Americans are far from the most common tourists here, it is Koreans, Japanese, French, and Australians for the most part. Well, i will try to get some more images up soon, so you can get the visual. I suggest that anyone who is interested to do a quick search for some images of Angkor Wat, it is really amazing. I hope everyone had happy holidays, and i wish you a Happy New Year.