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Jodi and Macca’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 22 Jun 2006

Location: Vancouver, Canada


Macca says hi. He would love to be writing to you all but he is heavily involved in researching bike tours in China. I have officially handed over the reins for that part of the journey so I am leaving him to it!

So- We have left camp high and dry and done a runner. Not very popular with the boss but saw some great parts of New York state. Plenty of firts for us both... rock climbing, ab-sailing (didn't learn how to spell it though), caving (extreme/get-stuck-in-tiny holes type of caving) as well as some mountain biking (now I know why they call it a mountain bike). So we didn't quite get to welcome any kids to camp but we were there for 3 weeks and let me tell you- it felt like three years! It was amazing but we weren't left with one minute of our own and we gathered that it would only get worse once the kids were around. So we saw the best bits and packed our bags.

Now we are officially traveling around the world. The make us or break us bit! We'll keep you posted but if you don't hear from us for a while its because we are trying to keep the the $30 a day budget! Wish us luck!

I have just uploaded some pics. Enjoy!

Lots and lots of love- Jodi and Macca.