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Steve & Loz’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 16 Aug 2007

Location: Mendoza, Argentina

MapTo be honest, there wasn't a whole heap going on in Mendoza. Or maybe I'm just at the stage of my trip where I can't be bothered doing a whole heap. Either way, there aren't any particularly fond memories from our 3 days in the Argentine 'wine-capital'. We did manage to hire a tandem bike (!) and peddle ourselves around a half-arsed winery tour, but that wasn't wonderful because:

(a) The Mendoza wineries are set in smack bang in the industrial area of town. There are no sweeping vineyard vistas a la the Yarra or Hunter Valley here; and
(b) No matter how much fun tandem bikes look at the start, it wears off after the first 15 minutes with the realisation that you're not moving very fast despite peddling like crazy.

We did manage to score ourselves an excellent bottle of choc-banana liquor, so our efforts were not completely wasted.

On the overnight bus to Buenos Aires, we were able to tick off one of our big Argentine ambitions - bus bingo! We'd heard the rumours and I can now report that they are true: some of the buses do actually offer 'in-flight' games of bingo to keep the punters occupied. Swampy narrowly missed scooping first prize of a bottle of wine. Shame, it would have made for a nice change from drinking it from a cardboard box.

Expecting big things from Buenos Aires...