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Wednesday, 02 Nov 2005

Location: Saigon, Vietnam

oh my god we have finally arrived, and oh my god what a culture shock.................. we've been here a few days now and i cant wait to get out of all the hussle and bussel of what is Ho Chi Minh City!!!! Khoa & Pauly you didnt tell me it would be chaos like this. Lucky we have Christopher the world renouned traveller with us otherwise Heid's & I would probably be still trying to cross the bloody road to get to our hotel hahahaha, so to give you a run down of our adventure so far, our flight from oz was not as bad as i was expecting, didnt get motion sickness at all, yay *snaps* for me :) but i did have a bozoo sitting behind me the whole time kicking the shit out of my chair, after about 5hrs i sorta lost it at him (woke heidi up in doing so) think she got embarrased cos she left me at this stage & sat elsewhere on the plane!!!! which turned out to be a not so bad thing cos boy does that girl snore...................... we got into HongKong at around 4.30am nothing was open & all i wanted to do was have a shower and eat but we had to wait 4hrs for our flight to Vietnam so i slept on the airport floor- dont recommend this to anyone, my poor back!! for some reason we have a collection of photos of me either sleeping or laying around airport floors,,,, so while im sleeping i tell heidi to keep an eye out for christopher (whom she has never met before) who was due to fly in from heathrow at 7am. 7am comes & goes and i finally wake up around 7.45 heidi's sleeping and no christopher, arrggghhhh i freak out but once we find out his flight was 1hr late i calm down and we go for breakfast and i have never had to go to so much trouble for breakfast, the food places where one level up from where we were and to get there we had to go out thru customs and then back in thru customs, for one level, oh and because hong kong is heidi's turf (her words) she thinks i am incapable of communicating to the person serving behind the maccas counter, she seems to forget where we work!!!!! hahah, oh we had a few minutes in HK where we thought we had lost our baggage too another story tell you all later, finally christopher tracks us down and we head to HCMC.... the first thing that hits when we get to Saigon is the heat, it is soooooooooooooo bloody humidand around 39 degrees, oh and they have no sense of organisation, going thru customs took forever then when we finally reach the counter they want to know where we will be staying so on Heidi's form she write some street name and on mine i put some made up hotel, hope we dont get into trouble oops, we had no idea as to what hotel we would be staying at first....then came the chaos of outside the air port, here when you get a taxi you pay first, and the roads....i havent seen anything like it EVER, Sam Bali is tame compared to here, crossing the road is life threatening, not many people speak english so it can become a little fustrating getting directions etc but the people are very nice, we got lost yesterday trying to find a pub that Christopher wants to go to, think were going to just jump into a taxi to get there today.....tomorrow we are heading a bit further south to Mekong delta for a few days then back to HCMC and then off to Cambodia. because of all the flights we had to get to get here and our body clocks totally out of whack we all slept for 15hrs straight last night, so tonight were off to a pub called apocolypse for lots of beers and maybe some rice wine.......
so not too much to tell you all at this stage so next time hopefully will have some good stories to tell,,,,,,
until then take care everyone, danny can you forward this to sharon cos i dont have her email, welcome home Melly we all missed you very much & cant wait to hear bout your travels. gotta run Christopher needs beer... hahahaha
love jules xoxoxoxox