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jules’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Nov 2005

Location: Leaving for Cambodia, Cambodia

Maphello hello, hope you're all well, we are having a great time.
thanks to everyone for your emails, especially you khoaby...... i think im getting used to saigon now, (just as we're heading off ) crossing the road is much easier now, i just walk and let everyone go around its like playing chicken hahahah. weve just spent the past couple of days exploring the Mekong Delta, what an amazing place, the people basically live of the river, i really enjoyed the days we had there, we saw all different kinds of things, The Mekong is about 3hrs drive south of Saigon and as you head further out of the city the chaos of the place dies a little, still lots of bikes but not as many. We stayed in Can Tho which is the economic and transportation centre of the Mekong Delta, and is the largest city in the region. The best way to get around is via the river so we spent the most part of 2days on the water, and i didnt even get sea sickness, not that its a sea so to speak, heidi felt a little green at times, we did a tour with a group of people, most of them were from sweden, demark , france etc we were the only aussies and the loudest of course, we saw a candy factory but its not a fatory as we know it, everything is done by hand, these women just sit there all day mixing the ingredients, setting it, cutting it then they wrap it. tasted good, mainly all made from coconut and bananas, a dentist's heaven Nicky maybe you could set up shop over here!!!! hahah, we also went to a rice factory, vietnam is the worlds 2nd largest rice exporter behind Thailand just some trivia for you, see im learning things, i can even say a few phrases in vietnamese, pauly,khoa and lamy you'll all be very proud of me!!!... we also went to a floating market, which was an experience, again on the river everything is on boats(of course) and you just drive up besides whatever boat is selling what you want, but its all produce and whole salers- we bought pineapples!!!!!!
ive been really brave and have so far drunk snake rice wine.... yes snake, its basically rice wine that is fermented in jars with dead snakes, uh huh dead snakes, and eaten dried squid which was gross, id take the snake wine anyday over that, the wine tasted much like tequilla but much more potent, oh and we went to a fruit orchard which was kind of weird cos they had all these animals there so it was more like a little zoo, they had a malay bear, the poor thing stuck in this tiny cage just walking up and down constantly, they had bats which looked so scared, lots of snakes, most of them dead though cos they eat them quite often here, lizards, turtles and pigeons all in the same cages just separated by dividers... Christopher keeps eating chicken to my horror with all the fuss about bird flu at the moment.
i really liked Can Tho, it was so much nicer than Saigon, we saw the big statue of Ho Chi Minh which is in Can Tho even tho he never lived there!!
getting used to the weather too, its been raining off and on the past few days but the temp stays the same,
we are heading of to Cambodia this afternoon to see Anne in Siem Reap, for everyone at BC she's had a bit of an accident & has broken her ankle, she's fine tho, so cant work for the next few weeks so hopefully she'll be able to travel with us when we come back to HCMC & travel up north with us. Cambodia is going to be great i cant wait to visit the temples and see the monks etc. we will be there for a few days then we come back to VN and head north via train which will take 16hrs with a few stops here and there, we're getting off the train 1/2 way to Hanoi to go to some of the out of way type villages so that should be good.

Della my Bella, HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful. its early i know but not sure when will be able to email again.
Dek..... where are you sweetie????? am i guna see you over here????

gotta run guys, ive left all our funny antics out - im leaving the comedy to heidi so will forward her travelogue's to you.

oh,,, cristian i got a lonely planet book, you were right!!!!! no pins yet but they'll be coming i promise. &
kirsty i dont have lamy's email can you send all mine onto her please & tell her i'll do my best to bring nana home. ta

bye bye for now
jules xxxxx