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jules’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 09 Nov 2005

Location: Back in Vietnam, Vietnam

Maphey all, thanks for all your emails its great to hear from you, Nicky 10 days huh well i guess it will be less than that now, so in the future if i ever need a lawyer/dentist im covered right!!! congratulations sweetie. Della great to hear from you too and will definately be having few drinks with you for your birthday when i get home. Dek we're not too far behind you, we decided to head straight for Hoi An from Cambodia, but a shame we probably wont meet up- hope your having as much fun as we are. Danny great to hear from you too and no you probably wouldnt want to taste snake wine believe me. Khoa thanks for the tips will be looking out for it, we actually got brave last night while waiting for the train to head north where we are now in Hoi An, and ate with the locals, although they couldnt understand a word we were saying it was good, they kept laughting at us tho!! think they were a little suprised foreigners would actually eat from their side carts. We had something in our food which we later found out to be fish (thanks Lamy for the translation dictionary), which Heidi is allergic to so that was a bit scary for her, luckily she realised as soon as she chewed a bit....christopher eats whatever is put in front of him basically so he ended up with all the meat we had, i think im a little too fussy when it comes to that, sorry Khoa went against your advice and have been eating loads of ice and vegetables :) feeling fine tho!!!!
so we are now back in Vietnam we have spent the past few days over in Cambodia which is such a beautiful place, unfortunately we didnt have much time there, it was very very hot, i got sunburnt and am now being called beetroot, its not so bad, we stayed in Angkor in Siem Reap- visited some of the temples, which were absolutely amazing, again because of time we could only visit 5. we got to speak to some monks while there, they speak rather good english and was fasinating to listen to what they have to say about their temples and their country, but wont bore you with all that stuff. for all you bridgeclimbers we spent time with anne, shes doing great despite being on crutches, we had a really good time while there, we went to bar called Deadfish which was really good, they have a crocodile pit you have to walk over to get to the bathrooms, and yes there are live crocodiles in it, approx 60 so they say and i believe it too! for 50 cents we got to feed them, but stupid me not realising how close i was to them leaned right into the pit and got the bee-jezuz scared out of me when they all started to snap for the fish i was holding!!! christopher had to remind me that im no Steve Irwin(dont know how to spell)!!! but i had had a few drinks so thats my excuse, they had a singer there as well but when that finished heidi and i asked if we could get up and sing and they said "sure" but we chickened out,
not enough alcohol at that stage, although i did get heidi to drink a few sips of beer,she stil has to complete her end of our bargain and drink a whole one ( heidi doesnt drink alcohol much).......we have just spent 16hrs on a train from Saigon to Danang, wasnt as bad as i thought, because we left around 11pm we slept 1/2 the way. the country side is beautiful, oh i have to tell you about the kids in Cambodia, the ones that try to sell you stuff can get very nasty if you dont buy from them, we had this one boy who no joke followed us for about 20mins swearing and i mean really swearing mainly at me because i woulnt but his bloody postcards, it was funny at first then it got really annoying, he wouldnt stop even when christopher told him he was a little shit and should go away!! the kids that are not trying to sell you things are so beautiful, i gave one little girl one of my bracelets she was so cute, then the next night we came across another little girl who came right up to us and put her arms up to be held, she was gorgeous and not shy at all.
weve been staying at some really nice hotels as well especially for the price, on average we are paying 15-20$US. and like heids has put in her travelogues here in vietnam we are billionaires hahahahah,,,,,, we're going to stay here in Hoi An for a few days as this is the place to shop, it is a lot nicer and calmer than saigon and the weather is much cooler, i really like it here even tho we only just arrived. Oh Dave, im really sorry.... Happy Birthday for the other day too, the big 30 hope your party was great, will catch you mid Dec ok promise xx..
better run, again thanks everyone for the reply's to my emails, take care all
Jules xoxoxox
ps.. we just heard about some terrorist activity in sydney can someone fill us in.