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jules’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 Nov 2005

Location: Halong Bay, Vietnam

Maphey everyone, hope your all well, im sure youve read heidi's last travelogue, yes i did have a few too many aftershocks (some type of very strong alcohol shot Christopher is fond of!!) hmmmmm the name surely rings true, we hit the one million dollar tab that night, whoa did chris & i drink lots, it was good tho!! so the real story of our few hrs in Hanoi goes something like this.......... we drunk heaps, alienated our carriage mate Sammy from Israel on the train, didnt make any new friends :( for the life of me dont know why hahah), ended up in what Christopher and i dubbed "shit town" at the end of our train journey, the place is actually called Loa Cai or something not worth remembering really, we got there around 6.30am-ish on a sunday to find we had missed the first bus to Sapa our intended destination,& next bus wasnt til 8, there was only 1 ATM in the town which was located inside a bank which was closed, so due to spending up big on alcohol the night before we didnt have enough cash on us all to get thru our stay in Sapa as there is no banks there.... realise we would have to wait until the next morning for the bank to open and then continue on. meanwhile im laying on seats at train station whishing to god that i hadnt had that last aftershock which put us over the 1million mark (whoo-hoo), so christopher & heidi head of to find us a hotel & suss out bank situation (at this stage i am in no way moving my body for fear of collapsing) by time they get back to me they have been swindled out of almost $150,000 dong and managed to find a crappy hotel just across the road, and i have thrown up on a tree, ( gotta love alcohol), also while they have been gone i have had a few locals awake me to see if ok, to which i would wave my hand, give a grunt and try to block out any more light!!! just on christpher's and heidi's arrival so too does a policeman and a few other locals thinking i was really ill and maybe needing medical attention, quite funny now feel great again and the thought of alcohol not making me shudder!!! hahah, So now we are in Sapa which is north east of Hanoi, its an amazing place, lost within a mountain, our hotel room has a window that you can step out of onto a roof top that over looks all around the mountain, the weather here is quite cold, feels like winter back home, Sapa is a very small privince that has many tribe type people, we did a 14km trek yesterday which was something else, we got not only to climb up, down and thru the mountains we went across rivers and into the villages of one of the tribes, wont go into too much detail and bore you but wow when you witness how these people live it make you thankful for the life you were born into, but also amazes you as well as to how simple their lives are and they are truely happy, friendly people. the kids are the best, we went for a drive back down the mountain today and came across a pre-school where as soon as you got out of the jeep the kids would be surrounding you with huge smiles on their faces being just as amazed at us as we were of them, today is a very misty day so the drive was quite scary to begin with, i kid you not you coulnt see more than 10meters in front of you, and we were tearing down the side of a mountain on a road just barely wide enough for one car let alone the trucks etc we had to pass and traffic coming the opposite direction. but we made it safely back to our hotel, we have been here 3days now and are leaving 2moro for Hanoi again and then out to another beautiful place called Halong Bay where we will be staying over night on a boat then back to Hanoi again which will be our last stop in Vietnam before heading over to HongKong. We've done loads of things (other than drink) since i last wrote but too much to type, plus its very cold and my fingers are slowing down & christopher has just come back from shop with munchies, (have done nothing but eat & drink since being here, will have to sign up for jenny craig when get home!!).
until next time everyone take care
lotsa love jules xoxoxox
ps Glenn...... oh my god cant wait to see the new you :) thanks for the email.