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marge & ian’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 28 Jan 2006

Location: THE INCA TRAIL - PERU - DAY 3, Peru




Had a bit of lie in this morning until 8.00am which was fantastic as we had a relatively easy days walking ahead of us and could take it pretty slowly.

The walk did turn out to be very easy compared to our previous treks and it was a shame that I couldn´t enjoy it because by this point my ankle was in asbolute agony. Finally got to camp where I collapsed into my tent. We were camping alongside this bloody great big cliff edge but the views were spectacular.

The rest of the group went to view an Inca site nearby but I decided to stay put and rest my ankle. I was sorry that I couldn´t make it especially when the rest of the group came back in time for popcorn and were all raving on about how spectacular it was. Luckily Ian did go and get some pictures of it so at least I saw what it looked like.

We ate our last meal prepared by the porters, this was where their duty ended. We had the "ceremony of saying goodbye to the porters". It was a sad occassion saying goodbye to them all they had helped us so much during the trail and had grown quite dependant on them. Grabbed a couple of beers from the aptly named "Mosquito Bar".

Over dinner Ian relayed his previous nights dream of how I was playing for Liverpool and scored two goals, the crowd were going crazy shouting my name!! Ian was trying to get me off the pitch though because unbenown to everyone I was actually using an empty sleeping bag case stuffed with clothes as a ball, so as Ian was trying to get me off the pitch to swap this for a proper ball I was totally ignoring him basking in my glory!!! I must explain the reason for this is because we actually used the empty sleeping bag cases stuffed with clothes as pillows during our trip!!

We had a couple of beers and then went to bed excited about the what tomorrow would bring....