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marge & ian’s Travel Diary

Monday, 30 Jan 2006

Location: *Cuzco - PERU*, Peru

Map*Cuzco - PERU* 30/01/06 - 02/02/06


Nothing really to write home about except that I was pretty hung over from the previous nights celebrations in the highest Irish pub in the world "Paddy O´Flagghertys". Decided to go for pizza to cure my hangover, which took about 40 minutes to arrive and looked so scrumptious and appetising, until I tore off my first piece only to find a 1cm long, crispy brown fly, still in tact, poking out wings first!! VILE!


Did loads of admin and updating the bane of my life - the website!!! It has become like work for me as we constantly keep on falling behind because of 4 days trips here and there!


Admin, admin, admin, spent a record 7 hours in the interet shop, even the owner looked shocked when he calculated the time we had spent on there!! We were doing shifts of updating the site. Finally made it to "Mama Africas", Jane, a club.


Even MORE admin, god how boring. Even more bugs in my food, this time it was a baby cockroach baked in my stuffed pepper, why does this never happen to Ian? Probably because I have taken to inspecting every mouthful of my food now, Ian prefers to be ignorant. We did manage to get on a tour around Cuzco which took us up to the Jesus statue which looks remarkably similar to the one in Rio we think.