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marge & ian’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 22 Feb 2006

Location: *Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA*, Argentina

Map*Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA* 22/02/06 - 23/02/06


The highlight of our 2nd visit to B.A was visiting the `Hard Rock Cafe` with Pat & Dee (the irish mates again), it just had to be done.


After arranging for the fast boat across to Uruguay at 7.20pm the same evening, then we went shop, shop, shopping for some lovely presents for the following people: Tina, Sara, Deb and ME! Even managed to visit an Irish pub for some Guiness and popcorn.

Thought that we had left plenty of time to get a taxi to the port. Oh no of course things are never that simple. Firstly there was a demonstration going on down the main street where we were staying so there were no taxi´s, secondly after walking to a place where there were loads of taxi´s, we could not get one for love nor money because it was rush hour and it was pissing it down - nightmare. I was just about to flash my boobs to get attention, when a guy who had been waiting longer than us (we were there for 30 minutes) flagged a taxi down. Maybe it was the look of sheer panic on Ian´s face, me frantically pacing up and down almost in tears, but the guy volunteered to give us HIS taxi. I could have kissed him, we absolutely LOVE the Argentinians, they are lovely!

Anyway we arrived at the port a little late but all was fine. Boarded our boat and settled down in our plane seats and had a bottle of wine to celebrate our good fortune.

*Colonia - URUGUAY* 23/02/06

When we arrived in Colonia (a picturesque town not to be missed according to the Lonely Planet) it was torrential rain. The next day the weather hadn´t improved, in fact it had turned into some sort of tropical storm with pieces of buildings flying past at one point, so basically we saw absolutely nothing of the place. We just hopped back on a bus and headed for Punta Del Este in the hope for some nice weather.