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marge & ian’s Travel Diary

Friday, 24 Feb 2006

Location: *Punta Del Este - URUGUAY*, Uruguay

Map*Punta Del Este - URUGUAY* 24/02/06 - 26/02/06


The 150 miles to Punta was not enough to leave the bad weather behind, in fact it was just as bad. It was like turning up in Blackpool on a rainy day, totally shit.

Afer meeting Pat & Dee (yes again!!), we just hung out in cafe´s gorging on chocolate cake and beer, hoping that the weather would soon change.

When the rain stopped our search for bars led us down to the port area where we found a strip of posh bars and restaurants, afterall Punta Del Este is the Puerta Banus of Uruguay where all the trendy Argentinian and Uruguayans hang out.

Iguana cocktails + Marge = pissed till 2am


The next day the weather had improved and was sunny. We all headed down the beach, you won´t believe this but it was our first sunbathing on a beach since arriving in South America, I know you all feel sorry for us and that we are so hard done by!!


More sunbathing or sun`burning´ in Ian´s case! We went to the Casino in the evening. Ian lost $20 but was still happy because hed had his first solid poo for the month while at the `craps´ table!! We had decided that we weren´t going to hang around in Punta Del Este and resolved to leave the following morning.