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marge & ian’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 01 Mar 2006

Location: *Iguazu Falls - BRASIL*, Brazil

Map*Iguazu Falls - BRASIL* 01/03/06 - 04/03/06


Got to Iguazu after our NIGHTMARE journey, it was absolutely torrential rain. Went to the internet shop to try and find some accomodation. While we were there just out of interest we looked at a the 7-day weather forecast for Igauzu, it said that it would be thunderstorms for a week. I burst into tears, I couldn´t believe that after all this effort and hardship, I would not get to see Iguazu properly, I was absolutely gutted and convinced that there was a higher force controlling our shit destiny for the past week or so. I was a total victim! After much discussion about sacking the whole venture off and just leaving for Rio, we decided to just stay there anyway to recharge our batteries in a 5* hotel!

Our hotel was absolutely lovely, we were happy even though it was pissing it down still. After a while Ian convinced me that the Falls would still be worth seeing even in a bloody thunderstorm. I eventually agreed to still go and see them, so we booked the Brasil tour for the next day.

I had a bit of a crazy experience but it is not something that I can put onto the website, I will explain it to a fortunate few upon my return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The rest of the night was spent enjoying room service and films, football and `Changing Rooms`! on cable tv.


Woke up to a very bright day and not a hint of a storm, maybe the weather forecast had been wrong. Little did we know that when we booked our tour through the hotel that we would be the only ones on `the tour` and would enjoy our own personal chauffeur to the falls!! Fantastic!! We got there, jumped queues, got driven around everywhere and just generally felt special, it was very very nice.

Still no sign of rain or storms as we approached the national park. Our first sight of the Falls was great but neither of us were THAT impressed, Ian has seen Niagra and he said that these were crap compared to them. We walked along side many of the 300 or so waterfalls that make up Iguazu and then we got to the reason that everyone raves on about them - `Garganta do Diabalo` roughly translated as `The Devils Throat` - all I can say is WOW, I haven´t been to Niagra and was completely overawed with the force of these falls, Ian then admitted that these Falls were a million times more impressive than Niagra!

We had a really great time, again the pictures don´t show the true beauty but we have videoclips of the place too. Enjoyed an hour or so at the big fall and then got driven back to our hotel ready to view it from the Argentinian side the day after.

Oh and it didn´t rain apart from a tiny bit just as we were about to leave!!

*Iguazu Falls - ARGENTINA* 03/03/06

Another bright, even better day than yesterday greeted us when we woke. Had another fantastic breakfast at the hotel, everything that you could wish for on offer, even free champagne! Hopped into the car again, it was the same guy taking us to the Argentinian side of the falls. We were particularly looking forward to this as it was meant to be even more spectacular than the Brasilian side.

This would effectively be our third time in Argentina, that was a mad thought.

It took us 5 hours to look around the national park on the Argentinian side, a lot of walking and a little train ride but we did it good and proper and we were totally `waterfalled out` by the end of it, but very satisfied. And again no rain until the very end of the day. It just goes to show that weather forecasts are totally and utterly crap, unreliable and very very wrong throughout the world not just in England!!

Everyone was right the Argentinian side was completely a million times better, you actually got to stand over Garganta do Diabalo, it was breathtaking (Again I have videoclips). Truly wonderful and unforgettable experience.