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marge & ian’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 04 Mar 2006

Location: *Rio De Janeiro - BRASIL*, Brazil

Map*Rio De Janeiro - BRASIL* 05/03/06 - 11/03/06


Got a 24 hour bus to Rio, had a nightmare with the Nun´s in front of us who put their seat back as far as it could possibly go as soon as they got on the bus in the day time until we got off at Rio. I now officialy hate Nun´s! All in all a very crap journey, the air-con packed up as soon as the sun came up and everyone on the bus was absolutely sweating to death, I know that you won´t give us any sympathy given the weather in England at the moment but it was truly unbearable! The ONLY thing that got me through the journey was my Sudoku book, thank god for sudoku it has saved me from crying, going mad from boredom on quite a few occassions now.


Arrived at Rio bus terminal which wasn´t the most plesant of experiences. It is a pretty dodgy place as its in Downtown Rio which is a rough area. Ian went to look for a `safe taxi` while I as usual minded the bags, I could actually see the robbers eyeing up people it was pretty freaky.

Found a `safe taxi` and headed straight for the apartment where we were going to stay with Jane and Dade. Had a bit of palavar trying to find it but eventually got to the famous Copacabana area, met up with Jane and Dade (who were absolutely black from their 3 weeks in Rio), went shopping for some food and then proceeded to get completely bladdered on Dade´s extremely potent Moijito´s! A great night was had by all, especially me and Dade who were up till 4am!


Ian´s Birthday!! Got up slightly worse for wear because of the night before, went to check for our post as we were having some important stuff sent through for the sale of the flat. Got to the post office after paying a fortune in a cab - no post. Three packages sent at different times all missing - Gutted. Not a very good start to Ians day.

The weather was also crap so we couldn´t go down to the beach and sunbathe, so we just wandered around Rio. I prepared Ian a birthday meal - spag bol, gave him is present - a pair of `Havaianas` (famous Brasilian flip flops that cost a fortune in Shellys and such like), sang happy birthday and got him a massive candle to blow out. It wasn´t the best birthday he´s ever had but at least it was in Rio!


Got up really early to see Jane and Dade off to the airport, it was really nice spending time with them and having an apartment and some normality.

It was absolutely scorchio that day so we headed down to Ipenema beach, absolutely beautiful. Ipenema is a much much nicer beach than Copacabana plus its a lot safer.



Sunbathed and got drunk on beach.


Met our Irish friends Pat and Dee who had just arrived in Rio and were going to share our apartment. They broke the news that they had got engaged at Iguazu Falls, very very romantic. We were the first ones that they had told!!

Had a celebration meal and a few too many drinks again, Ian was pissed and we have some very funny footage of Ian and Pat I will have to show you when I get home. If I didn´t know any better I would think that Ian was gay!


Woke up with a hangover obviously. Had to have maccy d´s to rectify this as we were going to see the statue of `Christ the Redeemer`. Another absolutely scorching hot day (sorry to rub it in but it was!!!). Got a taxi and then this mad little train up to the top of where HE is. The views were absolutely amazing and the statue was really impressive. In fact I was surprised to see how good looking they had made Jesus!! I immediately felt like I was going to go to Hell for saying that Jesus looked fit on the statue!!!! Got some fab pictures. Had a domino´s for tea, Ian was well chuffed with that.


YAWN....another day down the beach.