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marge & ian’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 12 Mar 2006

Location: *NORTHERN BRASIL*, Brazil

Map*NORTHERN BRASIL* - 12/03/06 - 19/03/06



Got a plane to a place called Natal and then a bus to a beautiful place on the coast called Praira do Pipa. The views on the 1 1/2 hour bus ride were gorgeous, and it was looking more and more like the caribbean as we approached Pipa. Got there failry late o just got a room, changed clothes and went out for some tapas and for a night out on the town, well village..



Woke up hungover obviouly, but the view that greeted us when we awoke was so stunning that we soon forgot all about our bad heads. Pipa is the sort of place where you feel like you have really stumbled upon a rare jewel of a place that not many people know about and is totally unspoilt and still very beautiful. It felt like we had found the map to "The Beach" in the sense that it was unknown. Ian didn't like the water coz it was too warm, it was like stepping into a warm bath, I loved it though as the waves were the type that you can just bob along on and not get wiped out unawares by a massive wave!

Went for a lovely meal on the ocean front. The experince was slightly tained by the fact that there were the most gigantic moths I have ever ever EVER seen in my entire life, seriously they were MASSIVE and horrible. I sat quite patiently surrounded by them until they woke up and started darting around the table, one even landed on Ian's arm, I was obviously observing the commotion from afar - terrified!


Had another lovely day by the beach. Watched the sunset at a beachbar that was cut off by the tides - perfect.


Went and did some sunbathing on a nearby beach called "Dolphino" where Dolphins are supposed to come in very close to the short and feed on the fish, we didn't see any though!


NATAL (again)

Although we had out bus tickets booked for our delightful 40 hour journey, on the bus back to Natal we decided to look at flight just out of interest... we found that there was a flight for next to nothing... we contemplated what to do and again decided not to bother with a bus and to opt for a flight, it was too cheap not to do it! The only catch was that it only left at 02.10am! It was only midday, Sooo we hung around in the airport until 2am, 14 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- !!



Landed at a place called Belem at about 6.00am, our onward flight was only at 10.20pm, so again we were forced to hang round in the airport for another 14 hours!!! I was seriously beginning to feel like we were in the film "The Terminal"!!! Although at the time it was the best and fastest options to fly, it turned out to be a frigging nightmare in the end.



Finally got to Manaus, a place in the middle of the jungle. Had a F**ing nightmare there too. Went to the bus station to book our 32 hour bus to Venezuela only to be told that there had been so much rain that a landslide had occurred and the road out of Brasil to Venezuela was closed and flooded, or had collapsed or something like that, basically we couldn't get the bus there. All the effort we had made to get our flight out of Caracas and we were going to miss it - great.

AAAARRRRGFGGhhhhh, by this point me and Ian are totally, utterly and majorly PISSED OFF. We tried to get flight only to be told that no airlines fly to Venezeula, so that was it! We were stuck in Manaus!

I was in tears, Ian was totally pissed off, we were just generally defeated until we went to the travel agent. We were just sooo pissed off with travelling and hardship that we decided that the only option was to get a direct flight to Miami and to pick up the rest of our flights as planned after the caribbean. We were happy once more that we would be going back to civilisation, slightly early but never mind we were DEFINATELY ready!