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marge & ian’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 20 Dec 2005

Location: B.A, Pinamar & Villa Geselle, Argentina

MapHola mes amigos!

*Buenos Aires - ARGENTINA* (13/12/05 - 15/12/05)
We finally arrived here after a verrry long flight from Manchester, to London to New York and then at last to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Once at the hostel in B.A. we dumped our bags in our very basic and very unmade room, put our walking boots on and hits the streets of Buenos Aires which is where we made the first mistake of our trip. On our first day we assumed that prices were in dollars so we basically ate lunch and paid for it with dollars, it was only the next day when Ian asked at the hostel, that they said that everything was in Pesos so we basically left the lucky waiter his week´s wages in tips- Doh!

Noticed that absolutely every woman in B.A. is a size 6 and is completely stunning, I have never been anywhere like it, it was completely surreal.

Went to the B.A. Zoo which had all the usual culprits, you know giraffe´s, lion´s, tigers, hippo´s etc. It even had an exotic animals enclosure of where we found such animals as "The Sheep", the "The Jersey Cow" and a "The Shetland Pony", (Tina the pony looked the spit of Molly). Ian and I were pissing ourselves.

Had a night out in the San Telmo area of B.A. which is where the trendy bars and restaurants are, that was cool, had a lovely Moijito (not as nice as the ones on my hendo though, nowhere near, convinced Ian to one too though and he has been converted). On the way back to our hostel we were at a crossing when we heard loads of police sirens coming our way, they were escorting a coach followed by a load of cars. We got a glimse of the bus and it had the "Boca Juniors" football team on it(the champions of South America - Maradonna also used to play for them too, who by the way the Argentinians think is an actual real God).

Visited a few other places while we were there but to be honest I was quite glad to be leaving as people were a bit snooty and not as friendly as I had hoped. Oh we did visit some of the parks that were supposed to lush and full of beautiful trees and plants, what we found though was an area with a couple of blades of grass but mostly earth. The couple of blades that were there were brown and dead, we think it may have had something to do with the thousands of dogs that occupied the parks and shat absolutely everywhere!

*Pinamar - ARGENTINA* (15/12/05 - 17/12/05)
Got our very comfy bus (complete with footrest and reclining chair!) down to our first beach resort of "Pinamar", it was a pretty little place, but not quite as hot as we had hoped.

*Villa Geselle - ARGENTINA* (17/12/05 - 18/12/05)
Spent a couple of nights there and then went to "Villa Geselle" the next beach resort.

Realised Ian needed to brush up on his spanish when we went for some food. When asked by the waited if we were ready to order Ian replied "yes in 7 days", no wonder the service was so slow!

I noticed something weird happening, the further south we got the more "normal" the women became I mean there were still the size 6 stunners but there were also a few size 12´s and 14´s! and there were also some really fat people - thank god I thought that I was going to be surrounded by people making me look really really fat the whole trip!

Every place we have been so far has been crammed with Pizza places, bakeries selling gorgeous pastries, cake and coffee shops selling massive portions of cream cakes and the most ice cream shops you have ever seen in your life, so how the hell are all the women so slim???? is there a new diet that I don´t know about called the pizza, cake, ice cream diet which helps you to shed the pounds? I think this will need some further investigation - I will let you know!

The highlight of V.G. was watching the "Boca Juniors" (Argentina) -v- "Puma´s" (Mexico) in the cup final, it was funny seeing things from another perspective. Boca won, we were sat in the bar wondering why it was so quite everywhere when all of sudden in the distance we could hear "the mob" coming up the street. Went outside and saw shit loads of people with flags, drums and like banger type things, singing, dancing and literally bouncing their way up the street, followed by loads of cars beeping and singing and just basically going mental. They disappeared we went back into the bar, just when we thought it was safe to go back outside back down the street they came, it was well funny, they basically just went up and down this street until there were only a few really freaky pissed up people left, we decided to go home when Ian nearly got snogged from a very drunk and very scary looking guy.