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marge & ian’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Dec 2005

Location: Mar Del Plata & Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Map*Mar Del Plata - ARGENTINA* (18/12/05 - 22/12/05)
Got off the bus at the terminal and walked for absolutely miles to get to a hosel only to be told it was full, I was well chuffed. Walked even further when we spotted this guy beckoning us over from across the street telling us that this was what we had been looking for. We went over and in fact it was the hostel that we were looking for! The guy was an Argentinian fatter version of Ronnie Barker with very thick glasses and his wife was extremely excentric and mad it seems. They ushered us up to a room in the hostel jabbering on all the way in spanish and us not understanding a word of what they were saying. The room they showed us to was the vilest room I have EVER stayed in in my entire life. It was SOOO scabby I just cannot even begin to explain. And to top it all off for those of you who know about my scabby carpet phobea, it had THE scabbiest bit of carpet I have ever seen, it almost made be throw up, not an exageration. Especially when Ian started walking on it with his bare feet - Aaarrrrgggh it was horrid. We decided the best plan of action would be to go out and get extremely pissed so that we wouldn´t notice where we were when we got back.

Went to the nicest restaurant and met the most helpful guy who worked there, he spoke perfect English which was fantastic because he translated the menu for us and we actually ate what we wanted that night - bonus! I asked my usual question, whether they had any chilli to go with my dinner, the guy said that in South America no-one really eats chilli and they don´t like their food spicy, apart from the Gypsie´s who eat the really hot chillies (just like the ones I do) with bread, he said it as if it was a really freaky thing to do until I told him that that was the type of chillies I was after, so I am now a gypo acording to Ian (its his new nickname for me!) He then told me that if I want to order hot chilli in the future I should ask for "Aji Puta Pario" which is a direct translation to english of..."Chilli Mother f--ker". I have however decided to refrain from using this phrase for fear of the it being misinterpreted and me actually calling someone a Mother f--ker, not a good idea in argentina, in fact anywhere in the world for that matter!!!!! (this could happen as my spanish is shite, I said to someone yesterday "No ""Pablo"" Espaniol" instead of Hablo - Duuurrr, when Ian looked it up in the dictionary I had basically said "no wick spanish" - they must have wondering what the hell I was on!

Next day went to the beach and it was actually a boiling hot day for a change. Then we visited the church of Saint Pedro where Ian and I were sitting on the steps outside the church watching the passers by. We spotted a little old lady hobbling along with her daughter and then all of a sudden her skirt fell down!!!!! She was stood there in the middle of the Plaza outside the church with her skirt round her ankles. Her daughter quickly pulled it back up and tied it for her. It was extremely difficult but we managed to stiffle our laughs because we felt sooooo sorry for her, and it was only later on when we saw them both laughing about it that we could let it out.

Got our night bus to Puerto Madryn which is where we would be spending Christmas. Ian nearly got left behind at one of the stops beause he was going to get me a cheese and ham sarnie (which seems to the only flavour here) when the doors started to close, I obviously panicked, jumped up and wedged myself between the door and the frame, and because the door was automatic obviously it didn´t actually stop closing. I was trapped in the door saying "no no wait my husband´s in the shop" which they obviously didn´t understand, which I expected but what is didn´t expect if for them to just look at me trapped and take so long to open the pissing door! Anyway Ian didn´t miss the bus but we got dirty looks from the bus driver for the rest of the journey.

The journey was supposed to take 15 hours but instead it took 17 hours, I was driven completely bonkers and to the point of murder by a man on the bus who I nicknamed "the Walrus" 1. because of appearance and 2. because he snored as I can only imagine a walrus snores. It was the loudest, vilest, gurlging, spluttering and most annoying snoring I have EVER heard. The only thing that kept me from going over and shoving my cushtie in his mouth was the thought of what I would like to tip things down his big gaping throat, i.e. dormant flies, glue, chilli powder etc.. (by the way a cushtie is a travel cushion!!!! - Nicci I know how your mind works!).

*Puerto Madryn - PATAGONIA*
So we are now here in Puerto Madryn, not far from the welsh speaking areas of Argentina in Patagonia. We are staying in a well nice hostel, which looks more like the ones I expected - like the ones in Oz. There appears to be some nice people there, sat and chatted to a few last night. Looks like most of the restaurants will be open for Christmas which is cool if we decide to go out for food but if not we will cook something in the hostel, we are thinking of doing a mini christmas dinner or something depends whose up for it really. I am liking it here it feels a little more like I am in South America and not just another seaside resort that could be anywhere in the world.

Bought a load of chilli last night from the supermarket which I have started taking out with me to pour on my dinner, last night was the first time I took it out. Poured some on my pizza and I´m sure the waiter did a double take and clocked that I´d put a load extra on, felt like I was doing something really naughty.

So we´re all up to date now with the diary. I am having a nightmare trying to upload my photies because we need the software for my camera, trying to download it from the internet to no avail so not sure at this point whether we will be able to post any pictures of our trip, but will do my best to.

Hope you are all well and looking forward to stuffing your faces on Christmas Day. Have a wonderful day all of you and speak to some of you on the day.

We will update again when we have moved on.

Love margie and Ian xxxx