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marge & ian’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 28 Dec 2005

Location: *El Bolson - ARGENTINA*, Argentina

Map*El Bolson - ARGENTINA* (28/12/05 - 29/12/05)
Got the bus to our next destination El Bolson, which is a hippy town even further south of Argentina. The place was beautiful. Snow capped mountains, blazing sun, very very pretty town. We decided to camp here. So we set up camp in the most picturesque campsite, cant believe that we were actually camping in the Andes!

Had a really nice time there, the campsites are so well equiped with places to set up a fire and do bbq´s. We spent two nights there, on the first night we made another chili (what a surprise! - honetly we do actually cook other stuff apart from chili!!). It took ages on the barby and we only ate at about 11pm. We were stuffed and then one of the locals who was camping next to us handed us some "Parrilla" (basically barby´d meat). It was delish. The meat out here is amazing, so tasty and cheap. I think that they felt sorry for us. Didn´t do much at El Bolson though, we just chilled out and enjoyed our surroundings. There will be plenty of time for trekking etc.