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marge & ian’s Travel Diary

Friday, 30 Dec 2005

Location: *Bariloche - ARGENTINA*, Argentina

Map*Bariloche - ARGENTINA* (30/12/05 - 02/01/06)
Carried on even further south to a little place called Bariloche. Again this place had an absolutely gigantic lake but bigger than the last place. This would do us for New Year we thought!

Got to our hostel, where we were told that they only had one nights accomodation for us as they were full, shit. We then walked around for about an hour looking for another hostel, they were all full. So the options were to carry on to our next destination which also may be busy (probably will be as it is the Argentine´s summer and everywhere is packed out). After mulling it over a steak sandwich and chips we decided to splash out on a hotel. Our hotel was soooooo nice, the room was massive, satellite tv, complete with shit loads of English channels, films, music, balcony overlooking the lake. Yep I was Well happy.

We had booked to do the "Canopy trip" which is basically a zip line type thing at the top of the forest trees, I think they call it a Rappel though, suspended and swinging from tree to tree much like a monkey! Got there absolutely shitting myself, why the hell had I signed up for this, and it was my idea! There was only me and Ian doing it and we had two guides. Walked up a very steep hill through the trees and got to the first line. Oh my god! Did my first one, which wasn´t quite as bad as I thought it was going to be, it gave me a little confidence but not much! Ian loved every minute of it though. Did about three of these, each getting higher and higher, then we did a mini abseil down a tree, another zip and then to top it all bloody off I had to basically lower myself using abseiling technique, from the top of a bloody gigantic tree to the forest floor - oh joy. You´d have thought that I was used to the height by this point but I was still terrified. After asking one of the guys if he could do it with me and take me down, and him saying no, I finally made the decend. Thank god for that it was all over!!!! See pictures of terror in my face.

Went out for New Year which was nothing like Christmas Eve at all, no fireworks, they wouldn´t have even done the countdown had it not been for all the english people in the bar. Met some lovely English people in there though, which was cool, Helen and Paul from Guilford, some people from St. Albans of all places and many others. New Year came and went, and we decided to go somewhere a bit more lively, the Wilkenny Bar and Irish bar. Helen, Paul, Ian and myself stayed in there till about 6.00am and then went on for final drinks at a place called "Moe´s Bar" yep Moe off the simpsons. Stayed drinking in there till 8.00am and then decided it was time to go home.

Woke up at 11.30am having missed breakfast, had three hours sleep and still drunk from the night, well three hours before. We had to get up because we were starving and we had also said that we would meet a couple that we had met at 3.00pm. Suprisingly caught up with Helen and Paul and went for some lunch, ordered spag bol, had one mouthful then couldn´t eat any more - I needed my bed. Decided in our hung over stage to go on a 4 day trip on Route 40 down to a place called El Calafete, where there is an amazing glacier to be seen. Helen and Paul would be on the trip too. Booked our places for the next day. Went back and ate my cold spag bol and slept like a baby in our lovely clean nice hotel room, I really wished I had appreciated it more before we left.