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marge & ian’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 10 Jan 2006

Location: *San Martin De Los Andes - ARG, Argentina

Map*San Martin De Los Andes - ARGENTINA*

After a 6 hour bus journey and some of the most spectacular scenery that I have seen yet (Ian was asleep so has no idea), very similar to Thailand and some of the islands, we arrived in the gorgeous little town of San Martin. Investigated getting a bus to Chile asap, ideally to leave that day. No such luck. The first bus out of there was Saturday, 4 days away. Deliberated for ages and met some girls from Buenos Aires and a Canadian Guy, who told us that there was no accomodation, everything was booked up - Great! Bit the bullet and bought the ticket for 4 days time (the alternative was getting a boat to the border and ending up maybe somewhere not as nice with no buses onwards). We spent the first night in a shit campsite at the edge of town on a main road, like camping next to the M1.

The next day we decided to move to a more picturesque site 5k out of town, on a lake with a river running through the middle.

Went to the supermarket to get supplies. Pitched our tent in what would be our home for the next 2 nights. Started drinking early because we thought we deserved it after what we had endured the previous night (which our new friends Maria and Carlos took the piss out of because it was the shittest wine money could buy, but the cheapest!). Ian went and collected some wood and we had a lovely fire where we cooked our dinner of chicken and potatoes with lots of chillies. Had our first uncomfortable nights sleep, absolutely freezing cold to top it off.

Sunbathed on our little beach by the lakeside, just down from our tent was pitched. Burnt my legs to buggary. 2nd night of crap sleep.

13/01/06 Today
So we packed up our tent slowly because we had nothing else to do for the day. Came into town, where we have been sat in the sun all day (legs covered up of course), and now we are sitting here updating our page, we have been on here for 2 1/2 hours, we are going to eat something at about 9.00ish (10 minutes), eeke that out as long as we can, then go to the "Dublin Bar" for as long as is humanly possible on no sleep for 3 nights, in the hope that we will not have to sleep at the bus station, as our bus only turns up at 6.00am tomorrow. (as you have probably guessed everywhere is still booked up and we couldn´t find accomodation for tonight). Next time we write will be from Chile - hopefully.

Adios ey Buenos Noches Argentina - we will miss you terribly xx