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marge & ian’s Travel Diary

Friday, 13 Jan 2006

Location: *San Martin - ARGENTINA*, Argentina

Map*San Martin - ARGENTINA* 12/01/06 CONT..

.. after we went to the internet shop we went to get some food at an Italian and had steak and chips for a change. We managed to eeke out the meal for 1 1/2 hours thanks to Ian gorging on a starter, main and pudding with coffee!

We knew the following facts:-
1. It was only 11pm and our bus only left at 6.00am this gave us 7 hours to kill.
2. we could either kill the above time at the bus station with the tramps or at a very nice "posh" Irish bar originally called "The Dublin Bar".
3. We looked like total tramps from camping and our clothes left a lot to be desired.

We decided to try our luck at the Irish bar, but before doing so we would have to make ourselves a little more presentable. We went to the corner of the little row of shops and basically did a superman change into some decent clothes. We took before and after shots which we will put up when we have a chance.

We got into the bar - yippeee, we were worried that they would see our backpacks and order us out. But no we got in, so that was us sorted for the next 7 hours.... we managed to sit at the bar from 11pm right through till 5.30am, we were obviously a little drunk by this point on very large G&Ts. Met some nice locals who told us that they didnt think much of the Chilians, not good, but we will soon be finding out for ourselves.

Left the bar, got on the bus drunk but not obviously so, just kind of falling asleep immediately (sorry mum I know that you are hating this story so far!). Anyhoo, we got out our sleeping bag and were only woken when we got to the border. It probably wasnt the best idea to be smelling of booze whilst crossing a border but we crossed without a hitch and at least we werent actually still drunk! The system of getting across left a lot to be desired, they just basically called us out randomly and stamped us out of the country but this took about an hour of waiting around, no order whatoever.

Got back on the bus, the Chilians were much more organised, had a nightmare for the rest of the journey though as obviously we werent organised and nowhere was open in the morning of our departure so I was absolutely gasping for some water. I felt like I was going to faint until we finally pulled into Pucon.