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marge & ian’s Travel Diary

Monday, 23 Jan 2006

Location: *Cuzco - PERU*, Peru

Map*Cuzco - PERU* 23/01/06 - 25/01/06


When we arrived in Cuzco it looked like a big ugly urban sprawl. We were thinking why did we travel all this way for this. However, once we got into the old centre, we were presented with the most beautiful colonial spanish plaza (which incidently they had built directly on the foundations and walls of the Inca´s after conquering them).

The hostel we had booked was a disappointment as building work was going on although it was probably the best view of Cuzco from the balcony. It wasn´t what we have envigaged after a long long bus journey. We knew we would have to leave.

After food with Dave and Lianne we realised how tough it was going to be on the Inca Trail with the effects of altitude. All four of us were absolutely knackered to the point of not being able to breathe after walking up only 40 steps to the hostel. We went to bed early, both of us had headaches and felt sick.


Ian woke up at 6.00am because of the noise of the workmen. He decided to get up and do loads of admin jobs like looking for a new hostel, putting the laundry in to be done etc.. while I was still trying to sleep.

Pretty uneventful day except we all decided to move to a much nicer hostel. The evening was good though as we went to a nice restaurant that served traditional peruvian dishes. Ian had Alpaca kebabs, which was a really tender and tasty red meat (Alpaca are the peruvian version of the Guanaco!). Again went to bed early with a headache and struggling to breathe!


Spent most of the day shopping at the local markets for gifts and most importantly an alpaca jumber, hat and gloves so that I wouldn´t be cold on the Inca Trail. The highlight of the day was going to the local market with Dave and Lianne and sampling some local food with the locals, very very tasty food and only 30pence.

We had a look around the market, the part that will stick in our memories forever was going through the meat section where you could buy local delicasy´s such as cow´s nose and teeth. You could also buy Fanny in a tin! It was great mixing with the locals who treated westerners as a novelty to stare at.

After a briefing with our tour company for the Inca Trail, we went to bed with apprehension about being able to complete the trail especially because Ian was feeling like crap and had started taking antibiotics.