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Melissa Walsh’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 Jun 2006

Location: HOME!!, UK

MapHey all!

Well, I've finally gotten around to doing something with all my photos! Here's a very minute selection of them, we took over 800 between us!!

If you can't be bothered reading through my e-mail (I know, sorry, its a bit long, but it doubles as my diary too so I don't have to keep one!!) here's a quick overview......

Had a fabulous trip, ate fantastic food in rather large quantities, saw some awesome sights and fell in love with the Amalfi Coast. Germany was not really my cup of tea, but I enjoyed the Mercedes Benz museum, Spain was great, although the food was pretty crap. Italy was fabulous, highlights were Verona, Florence and the Amalfi Coast and of course, the pizza, pasta and gelato!!

Back in London now, trying to sort out my stuff and get a job, there's a few things coming up, so as soon as I get something, I'll let everyone know. I'll be moving out of Haycroft Gardens as soon as possible (our lease runs out in 2 weeks) and hopefully into hospital accomodation because its easier and cheaper and by the looks of things the jobs are all out of London anyway.

Hope everyone's going well at home - I hear its getting a bit chilly! Well, its finally hit summer here (she says as she sits on the computer in jeans and a hoodie at 5pm in the arvo) the sun is out and it has reached a whopping 25 deg! Mike, Mum and Dad all had a good laugh when they arrived, it was very hot (27/28 deg- hey hot for London) and there were warning signs everywhere about over-heating on the tube and how to avoid dehydration. I had to laugh at them when they finally got on a tube and realised that underground, in tunnels with trains and no air flow, its always about 15deg warmer than above ground. Great for winter, but not so in summer.

Anyway, I'm in the midst of replying to everyone's e-mails individually, but that could take some time, so please be patient (I'm trying to do them in chronological order to be fair!!).

Lots and love and wishes, enjoy the cooler weather!