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John’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 09 Mar 2013

Location: Louth, Lincolnshire, UK

MapI'm blessed. I'm blown away. I have the best friends anyone could ever wish for. Here's why (actions speak louder than words):
back in November when I was in Brighton my dear friend Sevanti told me of a plant extract concentrate she had found in the course of her research into things to help her mum, who was dying of cancer. It was too late for her mum, but she was struck by the authenticity of the reports, and the power of the effects, and recommended it strongly to me. It's called 'Flavon', and comes jars of a sticky, jam-like substance - but its EXTREMELY expensive. Unbelievably dear. Sounded good to me until she came to the price, and at that point, given the uncertainty of my finances - and the fact that I couldn't eat anything anyway, however good - I decided to put it on the back burner.
Last Friday a large, heavy, anonymous box arrived. I was in a daze all weekend, but on Monday I opened it - a box of Flavon!! It seems that four of my friends in Brighton have clubbed together to buy me this. Its just so amazing, so thoughtful, so caring that someone would do that. So, Pete, Kevin, Phil and Sevanti - you're the best friends that anyone could wish for. Or dream of.
A deep, heartfelt 'Thank you'.