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John’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 21 Mar 2013

Location: Louth, Lincolnshire, UK

MapIt's my birthday!! Thanks for all the messages on Facebook! Feeling so much better. They let me out of hospital yesterday afternoon, having topped up my blood and stopped the internal bleeding - and, joy of joys, they've dilated my oesophagus so my eating is MUCH easier! So I've had two days now of eating small but civilised amounts, and am beginning to feel almost like a real human being!
Today we will carry out our earlier plan - Bridget and I will drive down to Christchurch so I can share my birthday with Mathew and family, and Bridget will get the train back to Louth on Friday. So it's 8.30 am here and we're just finishing off packing up for the trip. Woo hoo!!