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John’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 17 Apr 2013

Location: Louth,Lincolnshire, UK

Been a bit quiet lately - and I was thinking it was because there's not much going on, but actually I have been quite busy. I've been completely absorbed in designing Mathew and Sally's conversion, plus there was some more drawing work to do for the Fashion Park project in Dubai. I get obsessive - you know, working until 2am, but I really enjoy it. It's deeply satisfying. What else? Aboodi came up to see me, which was great - another one-day marathon trip from London; and Olly came up to see me for a few days too. Plus Roger and Trish came across from Chester, again on a one day trip. So I've been spoiled rotten really.

How am I? Not too bad I suppose. still very weak, and although I can eat more things I still don't have much appetite, and I'm still vomiting. Plus the pain can be a nuisance. But, AT LAST, the weather has got warmer and there is sunshine!! I was beginning to think the winter was never-ending! We had a brilliant day on Tuesday fixing the convertible roof on my car, which kept sticking, and looking at the reversing assist buzzer. At one point in the afternoon the whole family seemed to be jammed in the car, legs and arms sticking out of the boot and the back seat, each holding either end of spanners and passing nuts and bolts to each other in the warm afternoon sunshine. A scene worthy of that Dutch artist - you know.

So, on Sunday next we pack up the Saab with as much as we can cram into it and Izzy and I set off for a new life in the South, which is all very exciting. Bridget was a bit concerned about my lack of energy again, so we had another blood test done to check on my anaemia - but actually I am ok, so no more transfusions yet. Going to see the Doc about pain control this morning, and if it's warm, we might even put the roof down on the car. Wooh hoo!!

More soon. J