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John’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Jun 2013

Location: UK

MapJohn's Remembrance Soirée
This will be held in Brighton on Saturday, June 15th between 2pm and 9pm at Angel House, 1 Brunswick Terrace, Hove, BN3 1HN.

John wanted a short period for contemplation, along the lines of a Quaker meeting. A chance for people to sit quietly and remember or to say a word or two if they feel moved to do so. This quiet time will be between 3pm and 4.30pm approximately so please honour this period and do not arrive between those times.

John wanted us to celebrate life, as he did, so afterwards we'll do just that. Please bring food, drink, musical instruments and happy memories to share and stay as long as you can.

A huge thank you to everyone who is helping to bring this special day together for John. He would be so delighted.
Bridget. Xx