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John’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 04 Dec 2005

Location: Brighton, England

MapThe final week! A lifetime compressed into a few days as I made the last preparations to concertina my life down to a few boxes and get ready for the new venture. One or two snags - the auto gearbox my lovely old Saab 9000 mk II Carlsson decided to stop working with only 6 days to go -giving me reverse movement, a slight inclination to go forwards, and some problems!! Dear Rene had the answer - hire a car - which wasn't as expensive as I'd expected. Other highlights - the Farewell Party (theme - Eastern Promise) went off well (see pics): I finished work on my latest conversion project (see website -, but had to make a Planning Application and try to appease the Freeholder 'cos an unpleaseant neighbour decided to make trouble for me - and afer a great send-off by the gang at Heathrow, found I was WAY over my load limit - so having to repack my bags at 6.30am under pressure, and send a load by freight, whilst having last phone calls. But Iz was a dream, really helpful with organising and packing and being - well - lovely, and I was surprised by the tears around - even from dear Kyoko, who hardly knows me. I'll miss Iz and her style and organising talents (maybe I could sneak her in as hand luggage next time?)

So. At last on the flight to Dubai - first leg!