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DEE’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 12 Mar 2006

Location: CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand

MapWell guys, at last you have another entry,

I am having a yes you guessed it…. f--king awesome time, just getting very upset that time is now going soooooooo fast and it won’t be long before I am back it very cold dark crowded London, but the plus side is I will get to see you all again….

Well as you know I was in Sydney when I last wrote to you all. I had the best time, Mark and I got on really well which made it even better. It was nice to actually do things worth someone after spending so long looking at many awesome sights on my own. While we were in Sydney we went to Manly really cool beach town and went up to North Head. And the gap, had the best view of Sydney. We went to Darling Harbour a couple of times for breakfast and an eve meal, which was such a laugh after drinking three bottles of wine….. we visited the gap and Mrs Macquarie’s point, we visited the rocks and circular quay. I really did cram so much into such few days, but didn’t do the bridge climb just ran out of time, but hey gives me a reason to go back ;-) The weekend we arrived was gay & lesbian Mardi Gras on the sat night, oh wait till you see the photos!!!!! It was just crazy, over ½ million people come to Sydney to watch the parade and there really was some sights, a very good but weird experience…. The photos will give you more of an idea of how crazy it really was. On the Sunday we done the jet boat, which I wanted to do in Queenstown but it had broken down… it was so mad going around the harbour passing the opera house at neck breaking speeds and doing 360-degree spins, jumping the waves and getting absolutely soaked.. real good fun!!!!
Di d you know that in Sydney there is a Greenwich, Woolwich, Lewisham and Blackheath and Lewisham is a shit hole in Sydney also!!!! CRAZY….Its mad walking down Oxford Street, which is the gay capital no shopping there!!! Kings cross is the same as London, but Hyde Park is not as big as ours!!
Mark and I flew into Christchurch late Monday night and after being questioned my intentions (not by Mark, but by immigration….) they did let me back in, another stamp for the passport tho yay!!! It’s been bloody cold here only bloody 19°. I got to see the football f--kING AWESOME through to the next round, if memory serves me right I did say that it COULD happen. Am gutted that the next game is on the 28th day I fly back not the 29th. It has been so good catching up with Julia and the kids, nice to see them all again, very weird coming back to somewhere I have visited and not somewhere new!! I have been out catching up with Julia and had a few beers and been out with the kids. Also went round Christchurch and looked at all the shops and Canterbury Cathedral. Mark and I went to Hamner Springs lots of hot pools, steam and sauna, Kim you would soooo love it. The pools range from 34 to 41, but the smell of sulphur was sooo gross, it tarnished all my rings but have cleaned them today!!! We also went up to the mountains today and Sumner, the views were yes you know it f--king awesome!!!! It’s such a cool way to spend Sunday sitting by the beach sipping a nice glass of red wine while the sunsets.
It has been wonderful and although I am looking forward to Melbourne the Commonwealth games, St Patrick’s Day, Great Ocean Rd etc etc I am sad to leave NZ, Mark and Julia. I have to go back to a hostel, new town, and a new place, but hey that’s what this whole adventure has been about…. So you will get an update shortly and I will load photos when I have a chance lots to put on for you all to view.
Just in Case I don’t put an entry on before Friday,,, HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY!!! MAY YOUR HANGOVERS BE HUGE x x x x x x
Lots of Love Dee x x x