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DEE’s Travel Diary

Monday, 27 Mar 2006

Location: hong kong, Hong Kong

MapHi Guys,
Well my time has nearly come to end and my trip is over :-(. If I have inspired anyone who has read my pages to see the world or Oz then all I can say to you is going and doing it.... NOW
Signapore was really good, an amazing city, all they love to do is eat and shop, my kind of town. It was very hot in the mid 30s, and very humid but very green they call it the city in the park. I have to say I am very cold here in Hong Kong only 21 at the most. My tan is fading fast, far too much cold weather. But hey I don't know why I'm worried according to your weather you will only see my face and hands as its soooo cold... lol
While I was in Singapore I did various trips to get to see the isand I went to see the merlion statue, Thian Hock Keng Temple, gem stone factory and the national orchid garden.
The second night I went to the night safari, it was really good you go round in a tram ride and go past all the animals, and you can get off and do walking trails. I ended up talking to a mother and son from NZ (which I find I do a lot now just talk to strangers, more than I did before Kim). I'm sure the mother kept calling him ETHEL, Here Ethel look at that!!! I'm really hoping that his name was Ethan and it was her accent that made it sound like Ethel. He was a big strapping guy. Otherwise his Dad may have been a Johnny Cash star and was thinking along the lines of Boy named Sue... I wasn't brave enough to ask! While on the walking tour I went into the various enclosures and I saw a flying squirel AWESOME watching it fly I was then feeling very very brave and went into the fruit bat enclosure. There I am looking up and around saying where are they next thing this huge bat is in front of me hanging from a branch. Well I shout out its huge, obviously wake up the poor thing, it flaps itsd wing and you can;t see my arse for dust, I ran straight to the exit. All I can say is dracula has a lot to answer for!!!
On my second day I went to Sentosa island and met a aussie mother and daughter who had just been to england. There worst day for the cold and wet was yes you guessed it in Greenwich!. The island is very beautiful and I went to the aquarium and on the sky rail which was massive.That night I done the eve city tour and we went for a meal at the wQuay, very nice the food was brought out on hot stones, and basically you cooked your own steak. It was very nice but could have done with a plate of chips to go with them!!!! We then went to Raffles and I had my singapore sling, very tasty could get use to them. Its strange in the long bar you have a very beautiful building and its tradition to throw your monkey nut shells onto the floor. So they are everywhere and you end up walking on them just can't help it. When I had mine I put the shells in the ash tray and they come along and throw them on the floor!!!
Well not in Hong Kong and I have to say I like the cityu but not the people, they are so abrupt and rude to you, and stare at me lots, maybe its the height not sure. I've been to few market and that is a test in its self they hassel you so much... But I've enjoyed getting a bargin off them. They say 60 you get them to 40 dollars and then I walk away and tink its onlt 3.50!WEIRD
Iwent on the eve meal to the 62nd floor but it was really crap weather so you mainly saw mist not the buildings whioch was a shame, but i did meet a really nice Scotish couple who I went shopping with yesterday. Well Betty went for a coffee and Colin and I went to the market..I have been round the city, on a sanpan (small boat) and up to the peak, but again not great views. Well I fly today and will be back with you all tomorrow in the UK.
I have had the best trip and have great memories and made great friends.
All I can say is it has been f--kING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
Well I hope you have enjoyed reading my travel entries and looking at my photos. I'm in the most computer city in the world and can't find anywhere to put my photos on disc.... so they will go on later for you all to look at, saves me boring you with all my disc's.
Well thats it, see you all soon Love Dee x x x x x x x x