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DEE’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 04 Jan 2006

Location: LA, USA

MapHappy New Year everyone.... Well Im here in sunny LA, yes it is 70 today and rising to 80 tomorrow yay!!
well the flight was very good 11hours from Heathrow and I was sitting next to a guy called Rocky. He was really nice and made the flight go quicker chatting to him. Im not sure if I scared the hell out of him when I first sat down, being so red eyed at the beg of the flight (thanks to all of you who helped me through those hours at Heathrow ) you know who you are!!!
Yesterday I done universal it was good, not too busy and sunny. Done all the rides, and a few of the tours. Today I went on the star trips I now know where all the rich and famous live so can start stalking them.... I got my picture by Hollywood will put this on soon once I figure it out....Went into Tiffany & Co but was very good and didn;t buy anything so very very tempting. I swea I saw Jerry Springer yesterday in universaL,, and stephen fry at LA Airport.
I got an e mail from Kim at fiji and she has given me her number to catch up once i arrive in Fiji so that will be good. I have just checked my e-mails and have not had many. You are all suppose to be missing me so get sending. LOL

Will write soon, fly to fiji tommorrow and arrive Sat about 5 p.m your time WEIRD.

Love to all Dee x x x x