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Tori’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 11 Jun 2006

Location: Auckland International Airport, New Zealand

MapWell, this is where all the well laid plans go to waste. We arrived at the airport at 4am this morning, only to discover that our flight to Sydney has been delayed until 2pm this afternoon. Aerolineas Shitteas claims that they had no contact number, so weren't able to ring and advise us. I find that a little difficult to believe, but there's nothing we can do about it now. It does mean that we have roughly 8 hours to kill in the airport before our flight, and then we have to hope that we can get on another flight to Adelaide tonight. They didn't say why the flight had been delayed, and we have decided that it's best if we don't know!
The airline has given us one $10 voucher for refreshments - big of them huh!!! One voucher for 8 hours in an international airport won't go too far I wouldn't imagine, but guess it's slightly better than nothing. It's so frustrating to have come this far, only to be delayed again...
Will make the most of the time to contact the airlines ourselves and see if we can get onto a later flight into Adelaide tonight. Fingers crossed - I'm certainly not waiting till we arrive in Sydney to sort it out, as the airline folk have suggested.
Hopefully we'll arrive home in Adelaide some time tonight!!!